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Professional Development

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Learning Resources for Educators



The Canadian Society for the Study of Education is the largest organization of professors, students, researchers and practitioners in education in Canada.



The George Lucas Educational Foundation is dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process by documenting, disseminating, and advocating for innovative, replicable strategies that prepare students to thrive in their future education, careers, and adult lives.



Project Zero is an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Project Zero's mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels.



Projects, portfolios, and presentations rule a school founded on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.


Visible Thinking





Teacherʼs TV UK  http://www.teachers.tv/

PYP Threads (ning) - http://pypthreads.ning.com/

Inquiry Schools - http://www.inquiryschools.net/



The Reflective School

The Reflective School by Peter Pappas - A Prezi Guide to my "Taxonomy of Reflection: Critical Thinking For Students, Teachers, and Principals"  



The Power and peril of Web 3.0

It's in the May edition of Learning and Leading with Technology



Web 3.0

This website provides some great resources that explain what Web3.0, the semantic web



iTouch and Literacy

iPod touch has transformed the learning experience for fourth-grade students at Central Elementary School in Escondido, California. These students are excited about learning. And they have the test results to prove it.



A compilation of four new studies of one-to-one computing projects in K-12 schools identifies several factors that are key to the projects’ success, including adequate planning, stakeholder buy-in, and strong school or district leadership. Not surprisingly, the researchers say the most important factor of all is the teaching practices of instructors—suggesting school laptop programs are only as effective as the teachers who apply them. 




This is a terrific guide for teachers:

Free 33 Page Guide - Google for Teachers 


21st century teacher



"Educational Networking: the important role web 2.0 will play in Education"



Entitled Teaching for the 21st Century, the latest issue of Educational Leadership is a great read. In this issue, educators describe what 21st century curriculum and instruction should look like. The website features some of the articles in full text, including an audio interview with Ken Robinson who argues that creativity is a crucial 21st century skill.


Howard Rheingold on 21 century literacies



Digital footprints by educators – thought provoking article.



"A Visual Representation of Bloom's Taxonomic Hierarchy with a 21st Century Skills Frame."



21 things for the 21c educator




"Curriki is more than your average website; we're a community of educators, learners and committed education experts who are working together to create quality materials that will benefit teachers and students around the world. Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. Our name is a play on the combination of 'curriculum' and 'wiki' which is the technology we're using to make education universally accessible."




"explore is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others."


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